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  • MedTrak is an Operating Expense, not a Capital Investment
  • It is a Web-Based, Software as a Service Product

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  • Saves time and money while improving quality of care
  • Works within a practice’s current workflow

    Allows efficient workflow management using rules-based methodologies

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  • Total Practice Management that is truly integrated
  • EMR to Revenue Access

  • Dependable and Reliable
  • Designed by people who understand medicine -- not just software programmers.

  • Proven: Millions of patient encounters processed
  • In Worker's Compensation, Employee Health, Rehab Services, Chiropractic Care, Orthopedic Care, Urgent Care, and Primary Care

  • Easy to install and Implement
  • Literally up and running in hours - not weeks or months.

  • MedTrak empowers you and all your people to do your jobs better
  • MedTrak presents the right information to the right person at the right time.

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Marketing Materials and Product Literature
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Who we are:
  • MedTrak Systems is a fully integrated, Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Medical Practice Management Software Service

Our Primary Objective:
  • Help your practice grow, without you having to grow your practice

    • MedTrak is an operating expense, not a capital investment

Significant Change is coming to Healthcare:
  • The change may affect every aspect of your practice – both how you provide care and work with your patients and how you do business

  • A mandated migration to an Electronic Medical Record is at the center of this change

This has created a great deal of uncertainty:
  • How will the practice of medicine have to be conducted in the future?

  • How much this will cost you and your patients?

    • The President’s Stimulus Package contains over $17 Billion in funds to provide incentives for doctors and clinics to adopt the EMR
    • To-date, few real details on the criteria have been announced

However, some things are certain:
  • Your primary objective is to practice better medicine and have a healthy practice at the same time.

  • The Electronic Medical Record mandate is coming and it could add complexity and cost to the way you conduct your practice.

We know that you have to integrate multiple key services to achieve your core objective:
  • Patient Scheduling
  • Transcription
  • Billing Service

    ... and now, the EMR.

MedTrak can help you simplify your practice/business model:
  • We allow you to seamlessly integrate your practice in the most cost-effective way: without a significant upfront investment in new infrastructure:

MedTrak is in a unique position to help you grow your practice without having to the increase the cost of doing business.
Please read about our benefits and features, comments from our customers, and contact us for a live web-based demonstration.

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