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► Key Benefits
  • MedTrak is an Operating Expense, not a Capital Investment
  • It is a Web-Based, Software as a Service Product

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  • Saves time and money while improving quality of care
  • Works within a practice’s current workflow

    Allows efficient workflow management using rules-based methodologies

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  • Total Practice Management that is truly integrated
  • EMR to Revenue Access

  • Dependable and Reliable
  • Designed by people who understand medicine -- not just software programmers.

  • Proven: Millions of patient encounters processed
  • In Worker's Compensation, Employee Health, Rehab Services, Chiropractic Care, Orthopedic Care, Urgent Care, and Primary Care

  • Easy to install and Implement
  • Literally up and running in hours - not weeks or months.

  • MedTrak empowers you and all your people to do your jobs better
  • MedTrak presents the right information to the right person at the right time.

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About MedTrak

MedTrak started processing patient visits using its real-time EMR in 1993. Originally designed to run the emergency room, MedTrak evolved to include the ambulatory settings of primary care, urgent care, workers' compensation, employee health, rehab services, chiropractics, and orthopedics. Now MedTrak includes the additional functionality that enables an ambulatory clinic to run its operation with one system from end to end.

Because MedTrak virtualizes the clinic and all of its processes, a Midwestern university now uses MedTrak in its health information technology curriculum.

The original owners and developers of MedTrak, Doug Carson and Rick Schanhals, first met in the Army in 1969, and have been business partners ever since.

The MedTrak team combines a variety of skills and experience, and is comprised of clinicians, engineers, programmers, and network specialists.

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